Micro Panel Relays Will Not Turn Off

1. Confirm that the panel is on line.

2. Go to Manual Override and turn the Scenes off confirm whether the micro panel momentarily goes off line or not. This can be screen by either seeing a message that the panel is off line showing up after you have turned the scene off and then having the panel come back on line or that the display flashes and comes back on with relay 1-4 on and scenes 5-16 off.  

    A. If the micro panel goes off line cycle each relay to determine which relay is causing the micro panel to go off line replace that relay. If this is a iDim card you will have to program a scene for each relay set to "on" to cycle it.

This failure is caused by the control side of the relay drawing to much current which discharges the capacitor on the control card causing a temporary voltage drop which will drop below the thresh hold voltage for the processor and reset the card. When a micro panel reset it turns on all of the relays but the scenes will be off.

    B. If this is a iDim panel that they have programmed a switch to off or toggle and assigned the relays directly to it. When programming switch to control iDim relays, relays 1-4 should not be controlled directly unless the buttons are set to maintain. A maintain button in this scenario will work as a toggle that can dim/raise the light level alternately. 

    C. If the micro panel does not go off line then check to confirm that the relays are not stuck closed, that they are using the correct relay.   

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