Odd things you will see in SensorView for nPODM 2S DX

When observing the combination of the following conditions during troubleshooting that involves an nPODM 2S DX, one may suspect that they have an nPODM 2 S DX with incorrect firmware.  But the following is typical of how SensorView will represent an nPODM 2S DX.

1) In the DEVICES > PROPERTIES view an image of an nPODM DX is displayed rather than that of an nPODM 2S DX.

2) SensorView WILL show that the npodm 2s dx does include Pole 4 and Pole 5, although those don't actually exist/function in the switch.

3) After adjusting which Switch Control Channels that you want the npodm 2s dx to broadcast on and clicking SAVE it will save Button 1, Button 2 and Pole 3 in whichever switch channels you placed them, but no matter where you had moved Poles 4 and 5 it will always automatically show pole 4 back in Switch Channel 1 and Pole 5 in switch channel 2.  This is not evidence of a fault.  Again, poles 4 and 5 don't actually exist on the 2S switch as they do on the 4S switch, so the aforementioned operation has no functional effect on system operation.


and then SensorView adds to the above Poles 4 and 5 which don't actually exist, and those "poles" always show up (remain) in SV as being in Switch Channels 1 and 2 respectively.

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