How do I setup NTP Time Server IP address in nECY Eclypse?

You don't.

Eclypse NTP uses the default Android service which is using the Google NTP server.  There is no configuration required or accessible.
For it to work, the device needs three things:
1) Internet access (that info is visible on the ECY Home page as shown below)
2) A valid DNS (by default the nECY uses an internet DNS. If the local network has a DNS, set its IP address in Network Settings (example shown below)).
3) the NTP port to be open : 123 (UDP) through the IT firewall  (See page 22 of  )

This feature is part of the continuous testing and has no known issue.  Only known issue that might affect the NTP is when there is one unreachable DNS server configured in the nECY. 




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