What port(s) have I tested when I ping an nGWY2/Eclypse?

When I successfully ping an nGWY2 or nECY Eclypse with an MS-DOS Command Prompt, what Port(s) have I verified are opened (particularly with reference to the nLight IT Requirements document at )?

Answer: None of the ports listed in the nLight IT Requirements is tested when you Ping.  (Briefly explained at bottom of this article). 

ping test will merely tell you if you CAN (in general) communicate with another computer.  Whether SensorView DOES communicate from computer to nGWY2/nECY then also depends on the port availability as presented in the nLight IT Requirements document.

"Ping" does not have/use a port number. 

Ping uses the functions of the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to get back a packet reporting on the status of a transmission and analyzes the speed of its return. ICMP is an Internet Layer protocol. It operates at a lower level than the layer that deals with ports. Ping cannot use port numbers because it operates at a level where port numbers are irrelevant.

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