Are there specs that define what “large motion/walking” and “small motion/hand movements” mean?

The attached .pdf file is a copy of NEMA WD 7-2011.

Our Sensors that state so in their Spec Sheet (see example in image below) have been tested to  NEMA WD 7-2011.  That document is the Occupancy Motion Sensors Standard Published by National Electrical Manufacturers Association which promotes uniformity in the use and application of occupancy motion sensors used in lighting control systems, HVAC, and other devices. That standard explains field of view and coverage characteristics relevant to vacancy and occupancy sensors using passive infrared, ultrasonic, or microwave technology.  

 A customer may compare their requirement(s) to the corresponding type of motion testing described in NEMA WD 7-2011.  For example, if they want to know the specifics of the CM 9’s “hand movements” detection capability they could see Section 3.3 beginning on the document's Page 6.




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