LC&D - Connecting Occupancy Sensors to a iDIM/iDH Micro Panel

This diagram is for Sensor Switch Sensors.


Use 18 AWG 3 to connect from the Micro Panel to the first Occ-Sensor (OS), the first OS must be a type -R such as a CM PDT 9 R.

If there is going to be more than 1 OS controlling the same loads then all of the OS need to be connected to the same scene input, again the 1st MUST be a type -R the remaining can be either a type -R or non -R. The major concern will be the current draw of the OS to ensure that the MP is not shut down do to too much current draw, current available for OS is 450ma. A type -R sensor draws 16ma while a non -r draws 4ma.

From the MP to the 1st OS connect the 24Vdc to the Red wire of the OS; the ground to the Black wire; the scene input (5-12) to the Gray wire.

At the OS connect the Brown wire to the Black.

  1. If this is going to be 1 OS only then cap off the Violet and White wires.
  2. If this is going to have multiple OS the cap off the Violet wire and make these connections between the 1st OS and the remaining OS: Red to Red, Black to Black, White to White.

When any of the secondary OS see motion, they will trigger the relay on the 1st OS.  


Any brand OS with a contact closure can be connected to a Micro Panel, Use the NO terminals.

24Vdc can be drawn from the Micro Panel up to 500ma be sure not to draw to much current. IF more than 450ma are needed to drive the OS then then the MP20 power pack must be supplied.  


If a R type OS is not available or if you will be drawing to much current from the Micro Panel you will need to use a MP20 power pack to power the OS and use the rely of the MP20 for the ground and scene input.


Both methods may be connected to the same panel.



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