Fresco: How do I configure an ADCX/ADC photocell on Fresco?

When using an ADCX/ADC photocell there are several extra steps used during start-up.

Before starting programming, make sure the Fresco is on the latest firmware revision (FR10v111.31 as of 7/13/17) and on the latest nLight version (F100A-001-Z007).

Connect to your nLight devices and make sure they have been updated to the latest firmware version. Make sure to change the SensorView update channel to Fresco for the latest Fresco-specific firmware (Instructions for this can be found here.) 

Lastly, check the list of devices supporting Global Photocell operation to verify your devices are compatible. 



  • Under Daylight Sensor 1, assign Control to the same Zone as the fixtures you wish to control. 
    • Note that this CANNOT be assigned to a Channel or Scene. It must be a Zone or Group.
  • You can then auto-calibrate the set-point by tapping <Tap To Calibrate Setpoint> or manually choose the Photocell Setpoint.
  • Do not assign Output 1 Dimmer to anything. Do not set it to Follow Photocell.
  • For Testing:
    • Set Photocell Transition On and Off to 45 seconds, and set Output 1 Dimmer to Dimming Rate = Fastest.


  • Assign the device to the same Zone as the Photocell, Set Follow Pcell Mode to "Enabled - Both Pos & Neg" 
    • On nLight devices, these settings will likely be under Output 1 Dimmer.
    • On DMX devices, these will be on the DMX Profile.
  • If an offset is needed, set Dual Zone Offset to the desired level.
  • For Testing:
    • On nLight devices, set the Dimming Rate to Fastest (Does not apply to DMX).


Once this is completed, assign the chosen zone to a Channel in the Channels tab. Make sure it is set to NonDim = No.

Exit back out to the home screen. Go to Lights, then Adjust, and use the channel slider to lower the zone to 0%, then back to 100%. The photocell should then control the light level based on the set point and slider % level. 

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