NEMA rating for Locking Photocells when mated to Receptacles

When a Locking Type Photocell such as a DLL127 is plugged into a DUR103, DUR105, or DUR107 Receptacle, do they meet the NEMA 3R standard (see attached file for Definitions of NEMA Enclosure types)?

Given that both components are UL Listed, Yes.  How the customer ultimately mounts the device is vital since device orientation is key.

There is 100% correlation between the UL773 rain test that our devices undergo and the NEMA 250 test for a 3R rating.  The NEMA250 standard has identical figures for their rain test setup and notes that the figures are reproduced with UL’s permission.  The tests are identical.

The DUR103 was likely tested with a shorting or open cap but since the DLL is a Listed device it can be considered equivalent. 

Being mounted within 45° of vertical is also important.  UL testing is done with the parts in a vertical orientation with the spray being downward at a 45° angle.  Considering windblown rain can come down at a significant angle the device should be mounted as close to vertical as possible.

 ANSIC 136.10:2010 reads, “The seat of the receptacle shall be mounted as close to horizontal as possible. If it deviates more than 45 degrees from horizontal, the integrity of the seal may be affected when a control is installed.”

ANSI C136.10:DRAFT reads, “With the luminaire mounted as intended, the seat between the receptacle and the photocontrol shall be mounted as close to horizontal as possible. Maximum deviation from the horizontal is 45 degrees.”

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