Hydrel - Winterizing and Vandalism Recommendations for Underwater Fixtures

Winterizing and vandalism are site conditions that are not covered by Acuity Brands or Hydrel. Installation and maintenance of lighting and pool equipment is the responsibility of the owner, installation contractor and onsite maintenance crew.



Winterizing should be a standard part of the pool/fountain maintenance schedule especially in areas that are susceptible to freezing. Some good suggestions that we have been given over the year


  • Custom Niche to keep water from entering the conduit. (Can be costly and must allow for longer lead times).
  • Conduit Drain Valve. (Must be design into the system. Makes for easy maintenance over time).
  • Maintain water temperature above freezing. (Heater must be added to the system. Maintenance requirement unknown).


Because there are so many unknown site conditions and method that are used, the only recommendation that I would support is to totally remove, drain and seal all lines. Once lines are sealed, sandbags can be used to help prevent water from freezing in the niches.



The short answer is to remove the fixtures from the niche for the winter (last recommendation above would apply). The only other recommendation for vandalism is to make a custom cover with tamper proof screws


As stated above, it is important that site condition be address in the beginning. Hydrel will assist with any modification needed as long as codes and safety requirements are not compromised. Please contact us if there are any questions or if we can be of further service.

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