What security measures are applied to the nLight Air system architecture?

nLight AIR’s 5-Tier security architecture uses NIST approved techniques far exceeding the security specifications of competitive systems that typically only support data encryption. Data Encryption using AES-128bit encryption is just the first tier of nLight AIR’s 5-Tier security architecture. After encrypting the application data, the second tier is mutual entity authentication. The devices exchanging information verify that both devices are valid network devices. After authenticating each other, the devices encrypt their communications link, which we refer to as the third tier in the security architecture. The fourth tier represents "limited anonymity" meaning the communication link is anonymous after initial registration and no critical device parameters are transmitted over the AIR that could be used by intruders to access the network. The fifth tier represents validation and verification of device firmware before ‘going live’. These five tiers together represent the lighting control industry’s most comprehensive security architecture.

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