Fresco - I can't control my power pack on/off.

When programming a power pack (npp16) to a zone and channel but you can't control it to switch on/off. Try to first to identify it .

Tap on menu, tap on setup, tap on nlight, expand the power pack options by tapping on the plus sign. Highlight output then tap on identify. If there is communication from the Fresco to power pack it will switch the lights on/off.

After identifying  your power pack and it switches your lights on/off get the serial number of the device. Tap on add nlight device. 

A window will pop up to select your model #.

Enter the model# then tap ok.

Expand the new device and enter the serial number of the power that is going to be replaced.

Enter the zone for the new power pack added.

The last step is removing the original power pack. Tap on the power pack it highlight in blue. Then tap remove.

Last program the channel to control the zone programmed in the power pack that was added.

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