How to Adjust Priority Level of Commands in YABE

This article will be based around the YABE (Yet Another Bacnet Explorer) program. Download the program here

After downloading launch the program, you will be given the option to add a device Click the green plus button and a new window will open, enter in your BACnet information (The client should have this information for us. Otherwise, on a SPAK, the BACnet ID should be displayed on the Start screen. To find the BACnet information on a Synergy Cabinet, search for the network information screen. On a MLX cabinet follow this path: Start> Setting Up> Environment > Network. The BACnet information will be displayed here) 

EX of Filled out Search Screen:

Since we are using BACnet/IP over UDP I have adjusted my settings to match the IP settings of a SPAK. Click the Add button. You will see your device added to the "Devices" pane in the YABE window

You can now select your different inputs and outputs from the "Address Space" pane. Please reference your PIC statement to determine what input and outputs affect (SPAK PIC and MLX PIC attached) 

Select a point, our example shows Analog Output 1 (AO-1). On the Right side of the screen we see the properties of that output

There are several different fields we can change, for this article we will focus on Present Value and Priority Array. Changing the Present Value will send a command to the output, a value of 100 acts as a "ON" command, a value of 0 acts as a "OFF" command, see the PIC for your system to determine what other values may do. 

To change the priority of all future commands, click OPTIONS at the top of screen
Then Settings.

This will open a new window, find DefaultWritePriority

Select the drop down arrow 

Here you will be able to adjust the default priority of commands 

  Send a command to your output then click Priority array

You will see the command set to what ever priority you have chosen



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