How to access the priority array for SPAK and SYSC

The priority array is a tool used to view the priority of a command being sent to a device being viewed in Synergy Config (SYSW). Use this tool to troubleshoot systems being operated by a BACnet system as it will allow you to determine what command will take affect over another. 

First you will need to assure your device is able to be seen in SYSW (if you are having issues see This Article for further troubleshooting. ). Once you are in the project click the network button at the top of the screen. Ensure your panel is found. Click the "Display Status" button, the icon is a question mark on a light bulb.

In this screen you will have the option to view the values of your outputs, inputs, groups, and the Priority Array.

Click on priority array.

You will then seen the different prority levels (P1-P16). Send a command to your system. This can be done via the controller it self, a wall station, a schedule, ect. You will see the command and value on this screen. In the example picture, I have sent a on command to relays 1 and 2. The system shows this as a 100 value on P10. 

You will now be able to determine what priority level any given command has. 

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