How "transparent" is an nECY Eclypse firmware update to one observing the nLight lighting?

When running a firmware update on the nECY, the nECY will reboot, which will then result in a subsequence rediscovery of all nLight system devices.  The time it takes to bring these devices back online is dependent on the size and network layout of the system.  Likely ~1-2 minutes per 100 devices.

Why is that timing significant?  If a bridge (nBRG8) loses contact with a Gateway (nGWY2 or nECY Eclypse) for more >10 minutes, it will tell the devices within a profile to return to its programmed Default Settings (essentially ending any global profile events).  Or if a profile is supposed to be running when a Gateway boots up, it will activate the profile upon boot up (if, for example, you have a profile that runs from 8am-5pm and the gateway is powered down until 8:30am, when it boots up it will recognize it should be in the profile and send out the appropriate commands to the devices within the profile).

Other than that, an observer would see nothing other than normal operation of nLight devices in the Zones both during and after nECY firmware update.  If devices are not in a global profile, they will remain unaffected.

BACnet/Edge Applications (if Customer is running any in their Eclypse) will lose information from the nLight devices during a firmware update and nLight device rediscovery.

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