At power on how to have lights go directly to pc dim level rather than start at 100% and ramp down

When lights following a photocell go from extinguished to illuminated they may start at 100% then slowly ramp down to what the photocell says.

How can we get them to turn ON directly to a reasonable photocell dim level rather than first to 100%?

Have the photocell ( e.g. nCM ADCX ) NOT track the switch and/or occupancy sensor that is turning the lights on/off.

If the photocell is tracking a switch or occupancy sensor that says turn OFF, then the photocell dim output goes to 0%, then when the switch/occ sensor says turn ON the photocell first goes to 100% then ramps down to the necessary light level.  The nPP16 D (or other dimming device that is tracking that photocell, for example an nSP5 PCD) will FOLLOW that pc output.

If the nPP16 D in this example tracks a switch and the photocell does NOT, then when switched OFF the nPP16 D turns off lights but the photocell continues to look at the ambient light in the room and adjust output dim accordingly (rather than drop to 0%).  So when the nPP16 D is switched ON, it is tracking a photocell that does not jump to 100% to begin with but instead is already at the necessary dim level and the nPP16 D goes directly to that level.

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