Indoor Positioning - What makes lighting the ideal platform for IPS?

It’s placed. It’s powered and it pays for itself. Indoor positioning systems and lighting must both be distributed even throughout an indoor space, so by using the existing lighting infrastructure, beacons are optimally placed to deliver accurate location. Additionally, lighting is already powered, so unlike battery-operated beacons and other indoor positioning systems, using lights as the positioning technology does not require extra installation or wiring. Lastly, LED lighting uses much less energy than traditional sources so one can reasonably expect a faster payback when investing in an LED-based indoor positioning system, than a non-LED-based system.

NOTE: many building owners and operators are installing indoor positioning system technology when the retrofit, relight or upgrade their existing lighting to an LED system. While they won’t necessarily use the system right away, the capability is built in and ready with the rest of their operations catch up. Doing so saving considerable time and money than waiting to install an IPS after a relight.

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