Fresco: How do I use an nADR with a Fresco?

The nADR cannot connect directly to the Fresco, however it can be done with some clever system design.

By using a set of nAR40's, an nLight system controlled by the nECY can activate Fresco scenes assigned to a nIO 1S. Each nAR40 would be assigned to one of the response levels (High, Mid, Low), and each nIO 1S would have a corresponding scene on the Fresco. 

The order of operations would then be something like this:

  1. The nADR receives a Demand Response command to go to a "Mid" level. 
  2. The nADR send a command to the nECY to activate the Profile assigned to the Mid level.
  3. The nECY profile is set to Override On for the nAR40 connected to the nIO 1S assigned to the "Mid" scene. 
  4. The nAR40 closes its dry contacts, activating the nIO 1S connected to the Fresco.
  5. The nIO 1S then activates the "Mid" scene, dropping all channels to 50%. 

See below for a wiring detail of how this can be achieved. 

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