Xpoint Wireless - XPA RL1 DSI How does the Integrated voltage and current get monitered to support energy analytics and fixture outage detection?

  • “XPoint Wireless light controllers (XPA RL1 DSI) and sensor controllers (XPA CMRB, XPA SBOR) have onboard realtime power meters.
    • The onboard power meter can be used to manually verify whether the fixture load is operating properly or is out.
  • SensorView can view the live power consumption of any XPoint Wireless enabled fixture.
  • SensorView GreenScreen (free downloadable basic analytics software package) can track historical energy savings of a fixture or zone using this capability.
  • nLight ECLYPSE can make the individual power monitoring data available via BACnet.
    • This data can be used for custom floorplans, such as through ENVYSION software.
    • This data can be exposed to other systems.
  • Currently, SiteView Energy Application does not have access to this data, as the Application is only compatible with SiteView Energy Meters”
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