How to build a USB to RS232 adapter for troubleshooting the AVI

The Fresco AVI command interface using RS232 can be tested using a USB to RS232 adapter and a terminal application.

A USB to RS232 3.3V adapter with loose wire end is best such that it can be easily connected to the FCS AVI terminal block provided with the product.

Digi-Key Part Number:768-1080-ND

USB to RS232 3.3V adapter with wires


If another terminal block is needed, it can be ordered using Acuity part number:

114-00210-002 Acuity part 1958630000 Weidmuller part


The wiring for the RS232 adapter to the terminal block 

Cable AVI Connector
Yellow TX - Pin 1
Orange RX - Pin 2
Black Common - Pin 3
Shield Ground - Pin 4


A terminal application commonly used is Tera Term. It allows selecting the COM port and baud rate (use 115200 the default or check what the AVI is configured for within its device settings).

Tera Term terminal application



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