LC&D - Cable Length for Non-Digital, Dry Contact Type Devices

Contact Closure Devices

Many manufacturers off contact-closure based devise to provide external control of the GR2400 and GR1400 systems, including: Building Automation, Security, wall switches, or momentary push button switches. See below for general information on running cables. Refer to the specific product guide for hook-up details. Switches must be rated for low voltage use (made with gold-flashed contacts.)


Three-Way Switches

Three-way low-voltage switches may be used with the Micro Panel and Blue Box LTD for local control, the DigiLink for global control and override controls.


Occupancy Sensors

LC&D Micro Panels and DigiLink can interface with most low voltage occupancy sensors with dry contact outputs. In most cases the Micro Panel and DigiLink replaces the power pack. The Blue Box LTD panels can interface with either pull low or pull high occupancy sensors.


Dry Contact Relays

Use shielded cable if the dry contact output device exceeds 200 ft. in distance from the DigiLink, Micro Panel, Blue Box LTD or any contact closure input. Proper termination of shielded cable requires that the drain wire be landed on the ground input of the Micro Panel, DigiLink or Blue Box LTD ONLY – GROUND THE SHIELD AT ONE END OF THE CABLE ONLY1



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