Configuring multi-pole relays on the ARP relay panel

Relays can be configured to be multi-pole on the ARP panel. First, make sure the relay panel is powered down. Turn off the breaker feeding the panel. Then open the panel enclosure and find the relays you want to configure to multi-pole. Insert the provided jumpers into the two-pin header located on the control board in front of and between the two relays you want to throw together. This will configure a two-pole relay.

You can configure a three-pole relay be inserting an additional jumper into the next adjacent two-pin header. The limit is 3-poles, and multi-pole configuration only applies on a single board at a time.

Any third adjacent jumper will be ignored.

If you need to modify your multi-pole configuration at any time, you will need to power down again, re-configure jumpers, then power back up. Wait approximately 30 seconds for complete power loss (see the power indicator on board) before re-configuring jumpers.

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