How to troubleshoot FCS RB button configuration

The Fresco Remote Button Station allows for various configuration options with the button and LED behavior. If a button does not perform the intended or expected action, it may not be configured properly.

Check status LEDs

Verify communication with the FCS RB and ensure the selected device is not rapid-flashing. If the backlight is on and none of the status LEDs for the buttons are lit, it may be a configuration issue.

Check button behavior

When pressing a button verify the status LED for the button either blinks or remains off and only the backlight is on. If no status LED flashes when the button is pressed, the button control or behavior may not be configured.

Verify the model of the FCS RB

On the FCN tab of Fresco, view the available FCS RB devices and ensure the model is correct. It is possible a 2 button (FCS RB 2B) is configured for what is physically an 8 button device.

Verify the button type

Each button allows configuration of the button type such as On only, Off only, Toggle, Toggle/Raise/Lower and so forth. Check the button type is correct.

Verify the LED behavior

Each button can have the LED behavior configured according to the load it controls. Verify the behavior is as expected. In general, On means the load is not 0% (1%+) and Off means the load is at 0%. For further options see the user guide.

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