LC&D -Trane Tracer SC will not connect to LC&D Link-to-BACnet IP Card

  1. Verify the Link-to-BACnet IP Card is configured, and functioning properly.
  2. Ensure Trane representative can ping the IP Address of the Link-to-BACnet IP Card.
    1. If the Trane representative can’t ping the card, check IP Address, and Subnet Mask, and verify those match the configuration written to the Link-to-BACnet IP Card.
    2. If the Trane representative can ping the card, continue to the next step.
  3. Direct the Trane representative to do the following:
    1. Get to “Device discovery” on the Tracer SC.
    2. Select “BACnet IP.”
    3. Click “More Options.”
    4. Check the box next to “Limit discovery to a range of device IDs.”
    5. Put the device ID of the Link-to-BACnet card in the “Start Address” AND “End Address” boxes. (NOTE: BOTH boxes MUST contain the device ID of the Link-to-BACnet IP Card, or it will NOT respond to the Tracer SC device discovery requests.)
  4. Have Trane representative verify they can see all BACnet points.
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