How to configure usernames and password on Fresco

How to create a new account or configure a username and password on Fresco:

  1. Log in to the Fresco as a user with the Administrator access level.
    • Tap MENU -> LOG IN
    • The default administrator user is ‘acuity’ with a password ‘1234’
  2. Tap MENU -> USERS
  3. Tap the ‘Add’ button
  4. Enter the desired User Name & Password
  5. Choose an access level
    • ‘Operate’ allows the user to use the Fresco to control devices which are already configured
    • ‘Configure’ allows the user to add/configure devices (in addition to Operate)
    • ‘Administrator’ allows the user to add/remove/edit users (in addition to Configure & Operate)
  6. Tap the ‘Add’ button
  7. The new user is now added. Tap MENU -> LOG OUT to log out of the administrator user and then MENU -> LOG IN to log in as the new user

 Note: The default administrator user ‘acuity’ can be changed and/or removed if desired. However an administrator account must always exist.

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