LC&D- How Do I program a Chelsea switch button to dim with Blue Box LTD

To Program a Switch Buttons to Dim Up or Dim Down Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1: Create Two Scenes: One RAISE and One LOWER.

Step 2: Choose the Dim in Raise and Scroll UP to RAISE.

Step 3: Choose the Dim in Lower and Scroll Up to Lower.

Step 4: Choose a Button on the Switch Set as MAINTAIN and assign the RAISE Scene to it.

Step 5: Choose a Button on same Switch and Set as MAINTAIN and assign the LOWER Scene to it.

Step 6: Exit Switch to save settings.

Step 7: To test the RAISE Button PRESS and HOLD the RAISE Button to see light level go Up.

Step 8: To test the LOWER Button PRESS and HOLD the LOWER Button to see Light level go Down.

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