LC&D Clock Error Codes and Resolution

Waiting to Connect



This message is displayed when the Digital Time Clock (DTC) is unable to communicate with the display controller, thus by default this message is shown on the screen. In older Printed Circuit Board (PCB) versions, the DTC uses the BUS to communicate with the display controller. Newer DTC's use local serial communication, less likely to be affected by the BUS.


         i) Possible Issue:


The BUS is corrupted (unstable): Since older PCB clocks communicated with the display’s controller over the bus, if the bus is unstable, this message will be displayed.




  • Stabilize the bus; check for bad CAT5 and bad clock cable; additional or missing terminator or a bad device.



       ii) Possible Issue:


DTC's firmware is unable to pass through a RESET routine to get out of the error loop. (Pre-4.xx DTC firmware when 60Hz time base is missing).


Informational: There should be a 60Hz signal to the DTC (Sine wave for regular clocks, TTL square wave for Blue Boxes).




  • Test for a steady voltage to the Control card from the transformer.
  • Check the clock cable and make sure it is not damaged or nicked.





iii) Possible Issue:


The power source to the control card is below 12V. Clocks require a minimum of 8.5V to start up and after being powered up, they normally require at least 10.5V.




  • Check the following voltage levels:
    1. Breaker to Panel (Line Voltage)
    2. Dual Voltage Card to Primary Side of the transformer (120V or 277V AC)
    3. Secondary Side of the transformer to the Control Card (2x10V)
    4. Control card to DTC (For GR2400). For Blue boxes, check the voltage to the control card since the clock is on the Control card.

iv) Possible issue



 The communication chip to the DTC port in a GR2400 system is bad.



  •  A system with a pre-4.15 DTC try moving the DTC to another panel with a Clock Port if the DTC connects the main control card is bad, if there is no other panel to connect to then the problem could either be the DTC of the control card. 
  •  A system with a 4.15 or higher DTC the DTC can be connected directly to the bus if the DTC connects the clock port is bad replace the control card. 


Hard Code Failure 02



This message appears when the DTC gives a direct error code to the display controller during the peripheral checking test and the test fails. Peripheral checking is a process consisting of a series of tests that verify communication between all components on the board. If any of the checks fail during the peripheral checking test, a “Hard Code Failure 02 error is displayed on the DTC screen.



  1. i) Possible Issue:


DTC's MCU cannot read/write the FLASH or RAM properly (loose solder or impact of EMF). It is also possible that any other internal peripheral error can cause this event.



  • Power cycle the clock; if the clock does not boot up normally after this, replace the clock.
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