Update Fresco firmware from Fresco Studio

Verify you have latest version of Fresco Studio.

Within Fresco Studio

Navigate to Tools -> Software Update

It should be reported the software is up to date.

Otherwise, download and install the latest version.

Verify you have latest version of Fresco Firmware.

Navigate to Tools -> Firmware Update

It should be reported the firmware is up to date or new firmware available.

If new firmware is available, select download to get the latest version.

Update the selected Fresco

Select the connection USB or Ethernet and then click Search for controllers.

Verify if the current application version of the Fresco to be updated begins with FR10 or FR12.

Click Browse to select the firmware version to update to. To the right of the File name entry, select either FR10 or FR12 in the drop down box so that it matches the first characters of the current Fresco's firmware.

Select the available Fresco in the list and press the Update button next to it.

Note: When updating over USB, if the info.txt file is missing from the root directory of Fresco, USB updates will fail. To update, disconnect the USB cable from Fresco and allow for it to power cycle. Once the logo page is displayed, reconnect the USB and the info.txt file should be present now. Proceed with updates as described above.



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