nLight: How do I connect to the nPOD GFX through USB?

When connecting to an nPOD GFX via USB you will need to load SensorView through the nLight Commissioning Tool, using the following steps:

  1. The program is installed with SensorView, and should be located in C:\Program Files\Acuity Brands\Commissioning. Double click on "Commissioning Tool.exe" to open it. 
  2. When the Commissioning Tool opens, there should be a dropdown box that says "nPOD-GFX - COM x" where x is the COM Port used to connect the USB cable. If it does not, click the arrow and select it.
  3. Select "Start" and wait for the Device Count to match the number of connected devices. Once the Device Count is correct and the Network State is ready, select Launch SV.
  4. SensorView will open, and you can now configure the connected devices.

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