Nlight nsp5 pcd Can I change the default trim levels of the nsp5?

The nsp5 has the following:

Default Trim Levels: 2W/3W

56 to 110 VAC w/ 120 VAC feed

129 to 254 VAC w/ 277 VAC feed


24 to 117 VAC w/ 120 VAC feed

55 to 270 VAC w/ 277 VAC feed

These can be changed in sensorview.

These may also be adjusted using pushbutton programming using B-Level function 31 for High Trim, and B-Level function 32 for Low Trim.  However, it's possible for a customer to inadvertently lower the Low Trim to a level that introduces heat-related issues.  The lower the output voltage of an nSP5 PCD the more heat it generates.  Some combinations of load and low trim levels could create excessive heat.  That would depend on a number of variables on site (including temperature and ventilation in the environment in which the nSP5 PCD is installed).  In the event an nSP5 PCD would overheat, its internal thermal protection would disable output until the device temperature was good again, then the device would re-enable output again.  So the customer would likely later report that, particularly when the lights are dimmed down, that they turn off then a few minutes later turn on again and the cycle repeats.

If you have a Fresco device it can be done in the controller.

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