LC&D How do I Change Dim Relays to Non-Dim Relays in BlueBox LTD?

How do I Change Dim Relays to Non-Dim Relays in BlueBox LTD?

By Default all relays in the BlueBox LTD are set as Dimming Relays.

The procedure to Change a Dimming Relays to Non Dimming relay is as  follows:

    a. Tab Down two times to USER MENU.

    b. In USER MENU Tab Down to SETUP MENU and hit Enter.

    c. In SETUP MENU Tab Down to RELAY PROPERTIES and hit Enter.

    d. In RELAY PROPERTIES Tab Down to the Desired Board (BRD-1, BRD-2, ...)

        which DLY:1 is highlighted and hit Enter.

    e. Choose numbers from 1,2,3 or 4 and hit Enter.

    f. Tab Down to Highlight DIM and Scroll down to NON-DIM and hit Exit to User Menu.

After the desired relays are changed to Non-Dim, Relays are now can be used directly in each groups in Schedule.


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