Fresco: What is an "nPOLLER" device?

(Current as of FR10v111.20)

If you have an "nPOLLER" showing up on your Fresco nLight tab, this indicates an error in how the devices are connected. To resolve the error, check the following:

  • Ensure the nLight zone is connected to only ONE Fresco FCS 7TSN. If another Fresco is connected, it will attempt to take control of the system and will show up as an "nPOLLER" device. The other nLight devices will likely show up as "Unknown" or be unresponsive.
  • Make sure you are not connected to an nBRG, nGWY2, or nECY. These devices will attempt to poll the zone, showing as an "nPOLLER". Remember, the Fresco is not compatible with the nLight Backbone.
  • Check to see if there is an nCOMkit connected. This device will poll the nLight system in the same way as the nLight Backbone, showing as an "nPOLLER". While useful in updating the nLight firmware on the Fresco, it will cause errors if left connected during operation.

Once the cause has been isolated, restart the Fresco to clear the errors.

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