LC&D: GR2432 /48 what is the replacement control card kit for legacy systems

GR2432 /48 Universal replacement control card kit for legacy systems

Replacement for all GR2432 / GR2448 Legacy Panels all Old below 2005 with Terminal Blocks and smaller Jacks for Smaker Strip Ribbons is:

* 223MH3   GR2432-48 RA Control Card

This Card has not only 2 RJ45  Jack, also has 2 Terminal Block Jack as well as 4 adapters in Ribbion Jacks for Older Panels as well as connection to add GR2448 EXTENSION COMPLETE ASSY to it or by just placing a Jumber on it to use only for GR2432.

This Card has Stronger and Different Fuse on t to withstand Dual pole relays as well as Older Panels Load.

It is an special Order that has to be retrofitted at the Factory per order only.


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